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January 31st, 2007 8PM

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NPC teamed up with Center for Environmental Health to test level of arsenic on the play structures and sand at Dolores Playground
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Bidding for Zero Turn Mower Upgrade in Lee Summit Parks

The board of directors for the Lee Summit Parks and Recreation Department have commenced a bidding to upgrade the standard lawnmowers into the best zero turn mowers. This is an effort to provide a convenient means of mowing for the park maintenance teams of each designated park location and also to provide a more powerful lawnmower to save time and resources. The bidding began on May 10, 2017 and is scheduled to end on June 2, 2017.

Target Location

The zero turn mowers will be assigned at Lowenstein Park, Lea McKeighan Park, and Paradise Park. As per the bidding details, the board of directors are currently deciding the number zero turn mowers to be assigned for each park. The bidding details state that the department is planning to assign seven to ten lawnmowers for each park. Lee Summit Parks and Recreation Department considers the size of the parks to identify the lawnmowers to be used.

The Type of Lawnmower to be Used

So far, the Lawnboy ZTR has been the most favored product during the bidding process. Lawnboy is a popular lawnmower brand in Missouri due to its low price yet high quality. The product costs $3,400. However, please be reminded that this is not the final deal as some investors can still propose investments that could be better than the Lawnboy ZTR. There were previously considered items on the bidding details, like the HUSQVARNA. However, the cost of the alternative is $8,299.95 each, making the cheaper Lawnboy ZTR a more practical choice.

According to the Lee Summit Park and Recreation Department, zero turn mowers are proven to be "time-efficient due to its power". The department's speaker has also stated that the zero turn mowers are "beneficial for the park maintenance team" as it makes them spend less energy to mow the lawn. Unlike lawnmowers that will require the maintenance team to walk around the park to clear the lawn, the newer products are vehicles that the team can use just by sitting down to operate the machine. "It's the new age of convenience", as the director stated as he commences the bidding for the zero turn mower upgrade.

As of now, it's still in the bidding process, but it has been mentioned by the board of directors that the plan for the upgrade will be immediately implemented once the bidding concludes.

8th Annual Bob Skyes BBQ and Blues Festival

Bob Skyes BBQ, Alabama's legendary BBQ restaurant since 1957, is proud to announce its 8th annual Bob Skyes BBQ and Blues Festival. It's their 8th year in holding another fantastic BBQ event filled with Blues music performances, along with the classic BBQ that Bob Skyes always loves to serve. The event is also held to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Bob Skyes BBQ Restaurant. It will be held on Saturday, May 20 at the DeBerdeleben Park.

A Legacy of BBQ Goodness

The event is being celebrated to honor the second generation owner Van Skyes. As a pitmaster's son, he grew up in the restaurant, loving their tradition of making and serving the finest BBQ and ribs in Alabama. He even helped out his parents during his youth until he mastered the BBQ recipe. Van just loved BBQ so much that he continued the inherited tradition up to this very day. Now, you get to see the legendary Bob Skyes BBQ not just in restaurants but also around the state's many beautiful parks. Lately, the renowned restaurant is also holding Blues live performances during these BBQ events at an annual basis for a more fantastic experience. This time, its 8th annual BBQ and Blues event will be held at the DeBardeleben Park, ready to serve the finest BBQ Alabama has to offer.

Get Your Stomach Filled Here

During the event, the Bob Skyes Food Tent will be present at the venue as it offers the legendary menu of the Skyes family. There will be BBQ ribs, cooked Bob's famous propane smoker, and sandwiches, turkey, yummy sides, and even dessert. You will also enjoy a wide variety of drinks in the venue such as Pepsi beverages, wine, and also beer to fully enjoy the moment. For everyone's convenience, credit cards are accepted for each item mentioned.

Music and Fun, From Noon to Evening

There will be a blues event with talented musicians in the country. From 12 pm to 8 pm, the Chris Simmons Band, Eight O'Five Jive, Albert White and the MusicMaker Revue, Markey Blue, the Norman Jackson Band, and the famous Joe Louis Walker will be playing for your entertainment. Aside from the food and blues, the event will also hold game activities for the whole family. There are also a number of vendors who will sell various items such as outdoor exhibits, arts and crafts, and many more.

This event is hosted the Bob Skyes BBQ along with its many sponsors for the sake of a music and food-filled weekend. Gates open at 11 am at the DeBardeleben Park, Bessemer, Alabama.

Juniper Hill Park and Lakeview Park Water Fountain Installation Plan

Alan Smith, the water distribution superintendent of the Frankfort Plant Board, plans to install two new water fountains this year. Smith's plans and design indicate that two water fountains will be installed: one at a renowned area at Juniper Hill Park and another at the Lakeview Park. This is to help out the people in the park to stay comfortable and hydrated amid the intense heat of the upcoming summer.

Investments Done

The Frankfort Plant Board, led by Smith, will donate the labor fees needed to install the designed fountains. They will also be the ones responsible for half the cost of the fountains. Frankfort Parks and Recreation Department and Franklin County Parks and Recreation will contribute the other half; the two departments will use it for the fountains at Juniper Hill and Lakeview Park, respectively. The fountains cost $4,500 each.

Plan and Design

The fountains are designed with two features for drinking water. The two features are the drinking station for pets and a water dispenser for refilling water. The purpose of the dispenser is to provide access to cheaper water and to avoid buying more plastic-based items which can harm the environment.

The design of the fountain is to promote a good ambiance to boost people's productivity in exercising at Juniper Hill. The Frankfort Parks and Recreation Department will install the fountain near the exercise equipment area.

On the other hand, The Lakeview Park guarantees the fountain to be the perfect design for welcoming visitors entering the park. Charles Lewis, director of Lakeview Park, states that the fountain will be installed at the outdoor area of the park. This is because the previous one was damaged by skateboarders. Thus, Lewis also guaranteed that the new fountain will be more durable.

Alan Smith, also the designer of the project, wants to make sure that this will be a success that will surely appeal to the public.

Recreation and Parks Department Update
San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (RPD) presented their progress on November 13th to the Board of Supervisor's Government Oversight and Audit Committee. To date, RPD has completed only 21 of 169 issues to be addressed, and has started implementation on 48 more; however, all 69 were to have been completed in 9 months according to the timeline that RPD set for itself.

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NPC Speaker Series

"Parks In The Era Of Global Warming"
Thursday, February 15th, 6:00-7:30 PM

Sports Basement, Presidio
610 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA
This month we invite you to a panel discussion between Kelly Quirke (Friends of the Urban Forest), Bruce Riordan, (Elmwood Consulting), and Sarah Sutton (DC&E).

Come early to the meeting and catch up on shopping--you will receive a 15% discount on all purchases that day, and Sports Basement will donate 5% of every sale to NPC. Click here to print a coupon to bring with you.

Kelly Quirke, Executive Director,
Friends of the Urban Forest

Kelly Quirke has been Executive Director for Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) for three years, and working for environmental and human rights' causes for over 20 years, including numerous years with Greenpeace on global warming. In 2006, FUF celebrated its 25th anniversary and planting over 40,000 trees in San Francisco.

Bruce Riordan, Founder & Principal,
Elmwood Consulting

Bruce Riordan founded Elmwood Consulting in 1998 and was recently trained to present his version of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. Elmwood Consulting works with public agencies, the private sector and community organizations to improve the health and wellbeing of Bay Area residents. Current projects focus on public transportation, land use and climate change.

Sarah Sutton, Principal, ASLA, Principal,
DC&E/WMA Planning

Sarah Sutton, a licensed Landscape Architect, has over 20 years of experience in public and private sector design including parks, streetscapes, trails, housing, plazas and creek enhancements. As a LEED accredited professional, her focus is on sustainable design and construction, maintaining a strong commitment to environmental stewardship in planning, design and project implementation.

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