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10 Year Highlights | Overview

Ten Years of Advocacy in Action — 1996-2006

1996: Park group coalition established

• Began regular meetings of 8 park groups providing volunteers for park maintenance.
• Today coalition includes 129 groups. Began research and publication of more than 39 park histories.

1997: Community park task force created

• Created a citizens task force with SPUR involving 200 civic and community leaders, elected officials, and Recreation and Park management. Began publishing Parks Report newsletter.

1998: Published and distributed the Parks Plan

• Task Force Action Plan became the guiding document for both the public and the Recreation and Park Department in implementing needed management changes.

1999: Prepared a budget analysis of the RPD budget and presented to Recreation and Park Commission and Department

• Analysis indicated that program and service priorities were devoted to revenue-generating activities — thereby shortchanging no-fee services such as neighborhood parks.

2000: Spearheaded ‘Parks Package’ on March 2000 ballot

• Drafted two ballot measures for parks (Propositions A & C) and coordinated the campaign (raising $250,000) to pass a $110 million bond and the renewal (for 30 years) of the Open Space Fund.

2001: District Park Planning program established

• Created a monthly forum in each supervisor district under a grant from the Board of Supervisors to encourage planning and joint problem solving between Recreation and Park Department and the public.

2002: Playground Campaign & ParkScan started

• Published recreation guide for district 11.
• Organized Crocker Amazon community to build their own playground, resulting in saving over $350,000 in city construction costs.
• Began the development of the ParkScan program to hold the city accountable for park maintenance and to direct limited city resources.

2003: Co-sponsored Proposition C to require maintenance standards for park sand posting of staff schedules at each park

• This proposition has resulted in the development of park maintenance standards and the posting of staff schedules on the RPD website. Twice-yearly survey monitors implementation.

2004: Published Green Envy Report

• Completed a two-year study on the critical gaps in San Francisco’s open space system with recommendations for policy changes and action.
• Developed monthly e-news and park calendar.

2005: Launched Blue Greenway Initiative

• Established Annual Stewardship awards.
• NPC’s advocacy for a waterfront trail spurred Mayor Newsom to create a Task Force.
• The opening of the first mile is planned for June, 2006.

2006: Launch ParkScan program nationally

• Established annual playground maintenance report for each of the city’s 144 playgrounds.
• The ParkScan program is being launched nationally, with potential projects in Oakland, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago.

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