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Ten Years of Making a Difference
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The Neighborhood Parks Council (NPC) advocates for a superior, equitable and sustainable park and recreation system. NPC provides leadership and support to park users through community-driven stewardship, education, planning and research.

NPC is a coalition of community-based park groups actively involved in improving neighborhood parks throughout San Francisco. Since 1996, NPC has grown to include 120+ park groups and 4,000 park volunteers, establishing itself as San Francisco’s premier park advocacy group.

NPC strives to increase public and private support for, and commitment to, the restoration and improved maintenance of our neighborhood parks, playgrounds, and recreation facilities. In addition to technical assistance and organizing help to our network and new park groups, NPC provides a forum for sharing information and experience at park planning meetings in each District, including educational presentations and workshops with guest speakers and topic experts.

Park Advocacy

Our clout as an advocacy group shows in the placement of the "Parks Package" on the March 2000 ballot responsible for securing a $110 million bond to upgrade our neighborhood parks – the first citywide bond in over 50 years—and the renewal of the cherished Open Space Fund for another 30 years!

Community Involvement

NPC is dedicated to developing a strong working relationship between our community and the Recreation and Park Department. Through innovative projects such as ParkScan, NPC helps to establish long-needed standards of park maintenance as well as provide city agencies with useful, accurate information about park conditions and community priorities.

Park Improvements

In addition to the thousands of hours of volunteer labor NPC affiliate groups contribute in their parks, NPC initiated a Playground Campaign in 2002 to rebuild San Francisco’s dilapidated playgrounds. With the help of the community and corporate sponsors, the campaign is creating safe, fun, cost-effective, destination playgrounds. The first project at Crocker Amazon Playground – formerly one of the most rundown playgrounds in San Francisco – is attracting kids from all over town. Beyond the Playground Campaign, NPC has launched a trail project – The Blue Greenway. This southeastern portion of the Bay Trail will create a “healthy corridor” for activity along the southeastern shore of San Francisco connecting parks and green spaces along the route. The landscaped trail will provide a much-needed public recreation space that is easily accessible for exercise and enjoyment of open space in one of the City’s most park-deficient areas.


NPC helps park groups acquire the resources and contacts they need to realize their goals. In addition, we provide a variety of forums through which San Franciscans can learn about their parks and plan for the improvement of these precious spaces. Through programs such as Nature In The City, community members learn about myriad topics from renowned naturalists while also enjoying the City’s many unique neighborhood parks.

Public Awareness

NPC galvanizes public awareness of, and involvement in, the major issues facing our neighborhood parks. Through our quarterly member meetings and District Park Planning meetings, NPC brings city leaders and the community together to foster a shared vision for clean, safe, beautiful parks and quality recreation programs.

All of San Francisco's neighborhoods deserve beautiful, well-maintained areas in which to play, mingle, and relax. For more information on how to start or participate in an effort in your area, contact us at (415) 621-3260, or if you would like to donate to support our work.

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